Monday, July 19, 2010

....and he died

Finality, mortality... words that represent the "end" of things. As I listened this morning, passively, to the Genesis account ....the words "...and he died" [Genesis 9:29] stood out with particular interest. I'm not sure if dubbing Noah as a "hero of the faith" quite defines how God worked through Him but, other than being given direct commands from the the Creator, I suppose he was an average man in his day, and quite mortal. So mortal, in fact, that "he died". The Genesis numbers have been argued. That is ...the translation from the ancient text. But whether Noah was 950 years old, over 100, or whatever age ..."he died". God used this particular man in a drammatic fashion, and to display God's power. Those around Noah thought he was a crazy man, but in his obedience he proved the nay-sayers wrong. He believed, and obeyed, his God. Yet.... "he died".

At the risk of pulling the humility card ..where do you and I fall in the big picture of life, and of death? None of us can map, with complete accuracy, the outcome, the sum, of our lives. But what is certain is that, like Noah, we too ....die. In fact... pick out your favorite hero from Scripture. Chances are ...they eventually died (someone will mention Elijah, no doubt).

Two questions come to mind, and quite naturally, when considering these words. (a) What is, or will be, the meaning of my life, and (b) what will become of the real me when I, too, have died? It's ok.... consider "death", consider your "life", and the Creator's plan. It might change the way we live.

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