Thursday, July 29, 2010

I love a good story

One day Jesus told his disciples a story to show that they should always pray and never give up. -Luke 18:1

I love stories. I'm one of those guys that could sit on a front porch with an "old-timer" and listen to story, after story. Stories paint picutres. More than just flat "information" or data ....stories come to life as our ears absorb them. I recently recognized, truly recognized, the type of learner I really am. I learn through stories, images, pictures. It helps me see the "big picture" of a narrative.

I've also learned, over the years, when it comes to faith in Christ ...we can argue and debate details, specifics, historical evidences, truth, lies, etc. ....all day long. Many things I've found myself "debating" recently have been debated for centuries. Nothing new under the sun a wise man once said. And many of these debates still haven't been resolved ...among God's creation at least. But do you know what isn't open to debate? "My" story. You have a story too. Things which you or I have not experienced are subject to debate. Why? Well, because we weren't there to "know" them as fact. But what isn't open for debate is "my story".

I have a great responsibility with my story; especially my story of how Jesus Christ is my Savior, and became my Lord. When I consider my life experiences, which build my story, I have to be certain that they align with the foundations and historical truths I have based my faith upon. Otherwise, they are nothing more than my stories alone.

It is not ironic, to say the least, that this particular passage of Scripture was brought to me today. Telling "stories" has been a significant topic of discussion lately. A dear friend recently lent me an audio series which describes how "storying" the Bible is so effective in evangelistic methods. That's a very small affirmation, in the larger scheme of things. But, to me, it simply shores up the walls of my faith as I am reminded that the Lord, to whom I am endeared, used "stories" to tell "His" story.

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