Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Mere observation here. Logging into the current, status quo, social forum, myself, this morning... I saw an interesting post. Three simple words ....but they spoke volumes. Granted, a few of those volumes probably added by my own intuitiveness.

My friend had simply posted.... "Good morning facebook."

My mind "instantly" raced back to a movie I watched as a child.... "2001: A Space Oddyssey". This was a 1968 film. Just imagine.... in 1968, the year 2001 seemed significantly "futuristic". Well, 2001 sure changed our future. No denying that.

In this movie, an "intelligent computer", named HAL, is a key character; a character with tone in its voice, and nearly emotional. All I can really recall is the human character saying.... "Good morning HAL." ...as if this intelligent computer was able to comprehend the nearly ambiguous, certainly subjective, phrase of "Good morning".

No question ...my friend's posting was targeted to humans. In this case.... humans we refer to as "facebook". :) Astonishing! I can allllllmost see HAL. Just a short leap to waking up in the morning, walking into a central-room (probably the kitchen) and saying... "Good morning computer."

How "far" we seem to have come. A lunch-time talk show, today, was discussing how there are 10th-grade high-school students (..examples given..) who canNOT "sign" their names!! Many schools do not even offer / mandate a course in "cursive handwriting" any longer. It's seen as ill-efficient ...and just rather pointless. Why?? The younger you look in our generation ....the more that individuals main form of textualization comes in, just that, the form of "txt" .....as in "txt messaging". Astounding again!!

Technology is great!! I'm right in the middle of it all. I enjoy it. I benefit from it. But when a generation grows up whose skills do not include the "discipline" or hand-writing .....what a strange, strange world it will be.

End Blog!