Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Reclamation

It would appear that "The Reformation", while an absolute necessity in the history of "the church", failed to eradicate all of the man-made doctrines, which the church had accumulated. Even if it would have... we have, since, filled "the church" with our own set and brand of "man-made" items; not all bad, per se, in and of themselves, but off the mark to be sure. Unintentional idols which distort, or cloud, our view of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

It would also appear that "the church" is beginning to wake up to this reality. This would seem to be a significant time, in history, that Christ' church should be very careful! Careful not to stifle the Holy Spirit, but also careful not to merely repeat the same errors of those gone before us. Hind-sight truly is 20/20. May we take advantage.

Some have called for "Revolution"! By definition..... this would indicate an overthrow, and replacement, of the "established" system currently in place. I have concerns that this would abandon many good, well-meaning, though sinful, and fallen-short "people" in the process. May we not forget that it is the people of the world that we hope and pray and work toward the goal of communicating the truth of the gospel. God chose "people" to carry out His work ...the good fruit which comes from knowledge and faith in The Risen Savior.

Instead of "revolution", and beyond "reformation" .....maybe a simple "reclamation" is in order for the church. The gospel needs no revolution. It is finished!. The truth requires no reforming. Mankind, those who make up Christ' church, needed that... and probably still do as an age passes. We, as Christ-followers, are called to simply claim, and proclaim, the saving truth of the gospel to a lost world in need of an absolute truth.