Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thoughts of Kenya....

I honestly don't know why.... but this morning, as I got ready for work, my heart and mind were back in Kenya (..where I haven't been for 2 years now..). I guess it has never left there ...but thoughts come to the surface, more or less, at times. Maybe the recent loss of a friend has me thinking about this, the most equalizing of human characteristics, ....that we all die, and we all have the same basic need(s).

Our house is a wreck from remodeling a "den". I guess the thought occurred to me that... I have a den to remodel. Don't get too fluffy on me. It's not all Nat'l Geographic / Feed The Hungry stuff in Kenya ....though there's no question that the "don't-haves" grossly out-weigh the "do-haves". No question that there is "desperate" need in Kenya; and lots of 'em, in all shapes and sizes. A wise friend said it to me, on this visit to Kenya, "....everybody needs somethin'." I guess the thought also occurred to me that... I'm going to figure out "where" for lunch, even if I try and be humble and frugal ...instead of wondering if there will be lunch at all. I guess the other thought occurred to me..... that regardless of all that, I'm going to choose either to serve the same sovereign God, through faith in Jesus Christ, as one in Kenya who may have absolutely nothing. Both of us will be held to the same standard of Lordship of Jesus. Lots of thoughts. Not all "pity-thoughts" about "us and them", haves or don't haves, but the absolutely stark reminder that... regardless of our economic, social, or worldly status ....we all serve, or reject, the same, One True, God. He is no respector of men, and shows no partiality  ...instead, a lover of all. Only God can do that, and He did it through His Son.