Monday, April 4, 2011

Cheap Ointment

"For you always have the poor with you, but you will not always have me." -Matthew 26:11

There are times that we should practice being "frugal" I suppose. "Waste not, want not.". "There are children starving all over the world...", etc. Likewise, we must discern when to pull out all the stops, pour it on thick, and use what we've got you don't know when a "moment" will pass ....never to be re-created again. This is a truth I am constantly reminding myself of with my own family. There is no institution in our lives more significant than our family. Scripture places a high value on the family (1 Timothy 3:5); both for practical reasons of our personal ministry calling, and simply because God created "family". We'll not always have our children, for example. We should value the time with them, and make sacrifices anywhere we can afford ....and quite possibly in the areas where we canNOT afford. It is left to us to discern the difference. Family is worth it.

The woman who poured the expensive ointment on Jesus' head got this! While the disciples were thinking "practically", they weren't thinking "lovingly". Their Savior presented this woman with what was to be a final opportunity to "love" the Savior as He dwelt among them. What a beautiful moment! I'd say the ointment wasn't costly enough ....even cheap, compared to the tab Jesus was about to pay.