Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Where Is God - Part 1

"Fred, remember when we were young, when we were dating?" ..Carolyn says with a calm smile, and a tone of nostalgia in her voice as she and her husband of 35 years drive into town.

"Mmmhmm" ...responds Fred. They've been married long enough that he "knows" much more is coming! He'll never show it... as he drives with one arm relaxed over the steering wheel, the other propping his chin up on the door-frame. But he is still fascinated by his wife, his mate, after all these years. He wonders what actually "is" coming next. 

"Fred, we were sooo in love! Why... I didn't get in your truck unless it was through your door. And I never even made the seat warm on the passenger side. We were side-by-side ...anywhere we went. Weren't those the days Fred?" This is, by no means, the crescendo. There's still more.

"Yes ma'am." ..Fred says. It's time to start sounding genuinely interested, and he is.

"Well, what happened??
" Carolyn sounds a little more exasperated now. She's not, but this is the most effective way to really get Fred's attention. "What happened to being young, and in love? And what happened to us sitting side-by-side?? We NEVER went anywhere that I wasn't snuggled up against you! You had to drive with one arm on the wheel, and one arm around me. Remember, I had to shift that old truck of yours!" Carolyn giggled at the embedded image of her wrestling the shifter in Fred's half-baked old "Bessy". "So what happened to those days Fred? Why don't we sit by one another when we're goin' somewhere?"

With a simple smile from one side of his mouth, Fred glances to his, still beautiful, wife ...leaning against the passenger door, and says... "Carolyn, I haven't moved."

Ever feel that God has moved away from you, is indifferent to your life, maybe even abandoned you? Good news! It's us that moves away. Any inconsistency is our own. He is waiting for your return.

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." -Hebrews 13:8