Friday, September 14, 2012

Another Perspective

Instead of searching God for what he can do for me ...what if I search him out for what he has already done? I wonder how that might change my perspective in regard to what we deal with in "life", and how we deal with it. I've heard that stated another way I guess. "If God never did another thing for me beyond what He has already done I would have already gotten more than I deserve." I agree with that too. If I were less self-centered I would believe that and live that way more consistently I imagine. But honestly, the statement terrifies me! What "if" God decided to do nothing further for me? What if he left me completely to my own devices, left me to simply die here?

His sovereign, yet loving and ever mindful of me, graceful, merciful "being" not only "has" done more for me than I could ever deserve continues to provide life more abundant! Recognizing that he "could" drop me like a hot potato, while also recognizing that he has NOT done so ...brings me to the question I started with... instead of searching for God for what he can do for me ...what if I search him out for what he HAS done for me ...long before I was born or thought of, long before I rebelled against his will, and I have a strong belief that he WILL CONTINUE to bless me in ways that the world may not count as blessing. So I am humbled to take another perspective. His.