Sunday, February 15, 2015

Great Science Question! Affirms My Own Faith In Christ

Link to a great article at the bottom. Remind me that the more scientific theory I read (and admittedly, that isn't much. Instead, I ride motorcycles! ) the stronger my faith in a Creator, Holy, God becomes.

I stumbled upon this article. Thought it was / is a terrific question! "Why Does Everything In The Universe Spin?"

Only into the 2nd paragraph, and voila! , faith-builder #1 The writer makes this comment. ..

"Scientists suspect a supernova or some other force caused the gases to unite and compress" Might I repeat.... "SOME OTHER FORCE"?

I use the term probably too often, but I don't have ENOUGH faith to NOT trust in a Holy, Creator God. That is... the God of which scripture speaks.

Another interesting factoid mentioned in this article is "the Coriolis effect". An example of this is why water twirls the direction it does when you flush ye ol' toilet. The writer, here, discusses the conundrum of why Venus spins an opposite direction, as compared to other planets within our solar-system, or Sun, and the Milky Way galaxy itself. Here's my own theory (no science education to speak of). Our Creator God mercifully, gloriously remind us that we are not Him! Keeps us humble before Him. By the way.... toilet flushes spin the other direction in the southern hemisphere. Surely, another conundrum, as it relates to the basis of the mentioned article. :)

I don't have all the answers. I don't have MOST of the answers. The Bible sounds far-fetched, to you, as not only an historically accurate set of documents, much less, God's own desired, intended thoughts, as presented by men. I get it. I truly do. That's why "faith" is defined, as it is, therein.

Before I'll put my faith in a totally ambiguous unknown force (Bang!), I am choosing to place my faith in a Design-oriented, non-random, Creator God.

And if this God can creat order in the universe (albeit with the occasional curve-ball; i.e. Venus, toilet flushes, et al) then I have equal faith that He can derive, from Himself, His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who took on the sins of the world that we might be saved. Saved from ourselves. Yes! It takes humility to arrive at such a faith conclusion. It's worth the humbling.

Why Does Everything In The Universe Spin?