Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It Is Time

Time for what? And who am I speaking to? Time to get honest, real honest, about the broken world we live in. I'm speaking to all of us, all of you. Saved, un-saved, and those who believe such monickers are nonsense. Again, let's get real honest. Before I read another article demonstrating how our society is flying apart.

It is time ...to stop soft-selling Christianity. And when I say it's time ....it is surely way past time. But we can't undo the past. Onward. Forward. Trusting God to fill in our gaps, if we are faithful ...to His faithfulness. Believer... do we mean it when we proclaim Jesus as "the way, the truth, the life?

Stop! Look at the world around you. Look at our culture, and how it is changing. I'm sorry ...we are not getting "better". I'll not list the examples to prove that. I won't insult your intelligence by quantifying the statement.

Flying a flag, or denying one, won't succeed in making a better place to live. It'll never be good enough. Our marches won't succeed in changing hearts and minds. We'll only succeed in clarifying or division. "Equality" is a myth. Those who strive to find it will be the very ones to ultimately break their own rules. We are selfish. We ARE all sinners ....fallen short of God's glorious standard. Only faith in Christ can change how we live, who / what we are.

Give me a better eternal solution than Jesus Christ, as Scripture promises Him to be?? The living word, the same yesterday, today, and forever. We're not going to save this world. That's reality. It's time to find yourself a part of Christ' community, with a group of equally imperfect believers, a church! It's time to really open God's word, study it, hide it in our hearts. The day soon may come that it is the only place we might dwell on it. The GOOD NEWS!

The more hopeless this world becomes ...the more our hope is solidified in the shed blood of Jesus Christ. That used to be a firm truth. It has "progressed" as cliché, silliness. Now, it is "offensive". Soon ....it will be vilified.

So, it is time. Pick a side. Choose, this day, whom you will serve. It won't be pretty, whatever your choice. But, pick a side.

And indeed ...I say this in love. Not subtleness. Not cultural, nor political, correctness. But in LOVE. Love for you, as God's creation.

Pick a side. It is time.

-Steve Terrell