Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Art of Vision

Leadership comes in many forms. A  good leader always demands a clear understanding of the question ...where are we going? But drill down even one fathom deeper than that. How does one have a foreknowledge of ...where are we going... in the first place? These are questions for business, for the church, for marriage, for family, for individuals, for life.

I am, admittedly, poor at the mechanics of visual art. Yet, I can observe this much. A true artist can create something from nothing. He or she has a vision for what is to be, and is not hindered by ...what is. A desirable characteristic.  Either he was "led" to this vision of another (good leadership) or he envisioned himself (saw something not yet there). Both qualities are needed in life. Sometimes these characteristics are co-mingled in one person. Probably more often... they are contained by individuals strong in each respective area. Therein, is another topic of "teamwork".

Because a picture is worth a thousand words ...the art in this video seems to  speak this truth clearly.

It had to be, that step one in being able to create, like this, was to know where he was going before he ever began. And to know the answer to  ...where are we going... requires seeing something that isn't currently there. May we practice the craft, the art, of vision, and leadership, through this lens.

~Steve Terrell